Thursday, May 7, 2009

Electronic Medical Records Held for Ransom

A drama is playing out in Virginia as computer hackers claim to have hacked a data base used to monitor patients for prescription drug abuse.

The hackers are demanding a $10 million ransom for the data, or the data goes on the internet.

Virginia health officials and the FBI believe the threat may be credible.

The future of EMR?


Jay Andrews said...

Improved accuracy in record keeping and streamlined flows and processes in practice are benefits of EMR. EMR offer several ways to improve patient safety and satisfaction

Andy Stones said...

EMR systems are being adopted in many hospitals and private clinics. This would take time to get the whole data from paper to get digital but in near future all the US residents will have a online medical records as Obama adminitration has set a deadline by 2014 to digitize all the data of hospitals.

robin said...

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