Monday, October 20, 2014

PPACA Problems

In the political season politicians continue to use ACA as a ping pong ball, slapping it back and forth in classic playground "is to, is not" style.

Is PPACA a major success, a work in process or a giant flop?

We vote for work in process with major reservations.

Pro-PPACA forces tend to emphasize new patient coverage, while anti-PPACA forces tend to emphasize screaming headlines focused on problems.

So what are the problems?

Based on intense interactions this year with providers across the nation we have compiled a list and will discuss each in a future post.

What's on the top of the list?

Deferred care due to higher co-pays and deductibles, for both exchange and private market insureds.

What's else is on the problem list?

employer confusion

IRS chaos (forms, instructions, calculations, etc.)

primary care overload

late regulations and implementations

the exchange backend function

the integration stampede

Pioneer ACO disappointment

problems with payment innovations

We will explore these problems and more between now and the end of the year.

Comments always welcome.