Monday, January 16, 2017

Believe It Or Not?!

President-elect Donald Trump has started inauguration week by promising to unveil a new replace plan for the GOP repeal-and-replace project.

Trump is now promising, or at least dancing around promising:

universal insurance coverage
better quality
lower premiums
lower deductibles

In other words, none of this is realistic in the slightest. Reality is no longer a concern.

The only way "inexpensive insurance” works is if it really “cheap insurance.” Also known as lousy insurance.

Reports have Congressional Republicans wondering where this came from and what it will look like. Not to mention, what it would cost? And how is it conservative?

Trump has at least one good idea, the Medicare and Medicaid programs should be able to negotiate fixed prices with Big Pharma. Problem is, Congressional Republicans are committed to protecting Big Pharma even if the taxpayers continue to be cheated.

Stay tuned.