Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu

The United States government declared a public health emergency Sunday as the number of identified cases of swine flu in the nation rose to 20.

From Reuters:

"WASHINGTON, April 25 - A new and unusual strain of swine flu is likely widespread and impossible to contain at this point, experts agree.

The H1N1 strain has killed at least 20 people and possibly 48 more in Mexico and has been confirmed in at least eight people in the United States, all of whom had mild illness.
Probable cases also were found at a school in the New York City borough of Queens and experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they fully expect to find more cases."

This strain of influenza spreads easily from person to person, has been diagnosed in several places and some victims have had no known contact with carriers. Not pretty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom -- totally unrelated, but this looks interesting and is on a site I wouldn't expect you to track.

This article that it links to also sort of embodies some of my concerns about computers and medical records. Not that I don't think that EMR will eventually be an asset. Note also that this horror story has more to do with dysfunctional medicine (the only kind we have I sort of think) than dysfunctional Information Technology (also the only kind we have).

Regards, Don (VtCodger)

Editor said...

Thanks VT