Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Physician Foundation Report 11/18/08

The Physicians’ Foundation was founded in 2003 with settlement funds from a major lawsuit against Aetna (long story). http://www.physiciansfoundations.org

The PF issued a report this morning after reviewing 12,000 survey responses from practicing physicians.

The conclusions about medicine in general and primary care in particular in the U.S. are very grim.

 Many physicians plan to retire early

 Many physicians are looking for non-clinical jobs.

 Many physicians plan to cut back on patient loads.

 There is too much paperwork.

 Some physicians want to cut back to part-time.

(There is another topic lurking here, but it is very sensitive, and will be covered in another post).


None of this surprises me. All of it is true.

Physicians tend to grumble a lot.

Those with negative opinions may have been more likely to answer the survey.

We need more primary care physicians, but primary care is not all that attractive.

More later.

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