Saturday, January 4, 2014

When Disruptive is too Disruptive

"Disruptive" is one of the hottest words in business these days, as in "disruptive technology."

Clearly ACA was designed to be disruptive, as it should have been, the 2010 status quo was not working.

Problem is, I don't think those who wrote Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Care really understood what furies they were turning loose. Clearly they overestimated their ability to manage the rapid change, and clearly they underestimated the disruptive effects.

While much of the focus is on and Medicaid expansion, the real serious action is in the provider, employer and private insurance sectors. None have a real clue what the system will look like three years from now, but all are furiously trying to adapt as best they can.
It is going to be a wild ride. More to follow.

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