Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama Administration Mystery Shoppers

If there is anything most health policy wonks and politicians agree on, it is the shortage of primary care physicians, a shortage that may get worse.

So now the Obama administration is setting out to prove what we already know, and likely to create a public relations attack on primary care physicians.

The administration has hired a research firm to employ mystery phone shoppers to call primary care offices with two versions of a script, one a insured patient script and the other a government funded patient script.

The purpose is to measure wait times for new appointments, and to look for discrimination against government-funded patients, particularly Medicaid patients.

The biggest burden will fall on front desk personnel, who are always too busy (I never asked an employee to do what I wouldn't, so I have worked the receptionist chair - gasp).

All this to prove what we already know. ????

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