Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HIPAA Security Social Nightmares

Facebook ™, Myspace ™, Twitter ™ and millions of web logs (“blogs”) are connecting people worldwide, and that includes your employees.

Some business organizations are using these social networks, some not, but either way it is a good bet your employees are using these sites to connect with and expand their social networks.

That can be a huge problem!

Employees used to flashing every aspect of their lives on-line are very likely to discuss work on-line as well.

Social networks sites create a huge risk for HIPAA violations, and also for employee problems (some of the comments posted can be incredibly vicious),

HIPAA is 24/7!

No, you cannot control your employees lives, EXCEPT as it relates to work.

Every health care organization should develop policies and procedures on the use of social networking sites for the broadcast of work related information. Soon.


Michael Halasy, MS, PA-C, DHSc(c) said...

We already do that. Mayo Clinic actually encourages their employees to use social networking sites, but all employees are strongly cautioned about HIPAA sensitive data. I will sometimes post about patient encounters, but as my disclaimer states, they are altered to the point of not being recognizable, and are usually more of a combination of SEVERAL patients with similar presentations.

HIPAA Security Training said...

Due to lack of knowledge and proper HIPAA Training, employee of many healthcare organizations gets involved in these type of social networking sites and discloses confidential health information, but with proper HIPAA Training, this is easily achievable. I know one website that provide multiformat HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security Training to individual as well as to group from healthcare organizations and covered entities. The HIPAA Training will help the organization to better understand HIPAA’s Administrative Simplification Act as well as how to create a framework for initiating and working towards a blueprint for HIPAA Privacy Compliance and to effectively understand HIPAA Breach Notification Requirements.

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