Monday, January 26, 2009

Tom Daschle's health care book - Part III

Five functions of the Federal Health Board

1. set rules for the expanded Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

2. promote "high value" medical care, i.e., recommending coverage of drugs and procedures backed by solid evidence, and ranking services and therapies

(how we gather this evidence for new drugs and procedures is not exactly clear)

3. align incentives with high-quality care

4. increase transparency

5. play a role in nationalizing (his words) our health-care infrastructure  (although he then proceeds to discuss resource allocation rather than infrastructure)

Solid proposal or cliche' fest? Discuss.

Pages 171-178


Andrew said...

cliche fest - no doubt

Gururaj said...

Federal Health Board as envisioned by Senator Tom Daschle plays a central role in the health administration of United States
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vtcodger said...

Sounds sort of bland. Is this just a layer of ineffective bureaucracy that will keep a few suits off the street, or is there substance there that I am missing?